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If you need help finding out if the hotel is open, call us at 1-888-567-4357 or call our Customer Service at 800-745-3200. Learn more about the Brantford Canada Choice Hotel and our friendly staff who will help you in any way they can.

The Waterfront Inn is located in the heart of downtown Brantford, overlooking the beautiful Temiskaming Lake, just a short walk from the city center. The resort is located on the shores of Lake Ontario near the Toronto Islands. You can find the hotel at 1 - 888 - 567 - 4357 or 800 -745 - 3200 for more information. It is located on the Lg corner of the property And you can enjoy great views of Lake Huron, Lake Erie and the city of Toronto.

Located on Highway 11, a short walk from the city center, this beautiful and spacious township offers a natural environment that is easily accessible and pleasing to all. It sits on 80 stunning acres and creates a unique photographic landscape that includes a fairly developed neighborhood, a beautiful lake and great views of Lake Huron.

It is entirely in Old Toronto County and is bounded by approximately 17 square miles of land, bounded on all sides by Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, the Mississauga River and the City of Toronto.

Hawthorne is close to neighboring cities like Oakville and Mississauga, where many people still commute to work. It offers a wide range of amenities, from restaurants and bars to shopping and entertainment, and hosts a number of restaurants, bars, hotels and restaurants in the neighbouring town of Brampton. 38 Creditview, which also offers freight removal companies, offers professional removal companies, office, residential and commercial customers at affordable prices. Mississaga Transit (MiWay) also offers direct access to Legacy and Meadowvale Boulevards on this route.

The Bell / Telus joint network has much higher coverage in northeastern Ontario, more than twice the coverage of Rogers, and a much more reliable network than Rogers in the region. It offers some of the best fishing in our province in northern lakes, rivers and streams. Canadian salmon and spotted trout, as well as a variety of other fish species, while they have access to a wide range of wildlife such as coyotes, owls, bears, elk and other wildlife.

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More About Brantford